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1 Photography.

Browsing through stock pictures online is a great way to find topic inspiration. The reason behind this is pictures evoke memories, inspiration, or feelings. Use the first words that come up when you look at a picture to come up with a title idea for your article.

For example, when I look at the above picture, these are the words that come up right off the bat, Learning, Inquiry, The Curiosity of A Bookworm, The Smart girl Who Couldn’t Stop Reading, or The Pros and Cons Of Dating A College Educated Girl. See what I…

Became A Superhero

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In secrecies, some aspects of childhood friendships resemble a private society.

It’s like an unspoken code or silent agreement, where the things that are most likely to get you into trouble, will never be retold. Out of fear of getting into even more trouble, naturally.

For me, this realization came after a near-death experience that happened in a place where I had no business being in to start with.

Saved By The Chicken

A young and dumb me once thought that nearly dying was worth hiding from my parents. I’ve kept that secret ever since, and it hasn’t been without challenges.

I regret my inability to explain why I couldn’t eat chicken anymore. I once tried to convince the rest of my family to not eat it…

Into Quitting Smoking.

Here Is How.

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Now that I have finally stopped. Allow me to tell you of what you have probably suspected or known for sometime. Smoking is filthy. It’s a habit that deprives one of a lifetime of better looking skin, teeth and a natural sense of taste or smell.

It may seem obvious…

I’ll Be Looking Prettier.

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The flab on my arms has been melting away like a thief in the night lately. If I do say so myself. Even my nose has been looking less Shrek, more Meghan.

I suspect that wearing a face mask daily has performed a magical air nose job that’s left the…

My Ignorance vs A Local Optometrist.

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The only regular medical appointments that I take religiously, are my dental visits twice a year. Add to that the compulsory checks that my health insurance forces on me once in a while.

Trust me, if one of my teeth didn’t develop cavities a while back, even my dentist would have remained an unknown entity.

Three reasons for this,

1; If it ain’t broken why fix it? Type of mentality.

2; I can’t stand being pocked, needled and prodded. It must be the inner caveman in me.

3; It just isn’t comfortable and I’ll generally avoid it at all costs.

You see, no-one in my…

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The problem with a thing of beauty, is that it’s subjective.

What with one man’s meat being another’s man’s poison and all. My not smiling probably makes me look less pretty, but I’m at peace with the fact because I no longer care about looking pretty. I still make an effort to look presentable but my smile is no longer considered a part of my charm by me.

I used to smile a lot and my smile was genuine. It came from that part of my heart where love resides. Then the pageants came and I watched in horror as my mom smiled for me from the audience. …

Where Do I Come From?

An In-depth Analysis About What

Those Questions mean to me

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“Queensland or New York’, Antananarivo or Ipanema.” Curious names of places near and far. “Call me Anna, Bob, Theresa or Kim.”

If my origins are tied to a place, a point of geography or a spot on the map where…

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A young lass.
Barely older than thirty summers.
Went off in preparation
For the Groom
Whose Glorious Name she Heard.
Whispered Like Thunder in Reverence,
With The Echoes
Of A Thousand Waterfalls,
Across the Heavens.

“He Cometh, He Cometh,
He Who Cometh From The Skies.”
“The Greatest of Mornings.”

Every Single Day Of Your Life

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As you read this, I imagine you sitting on a private island somewhere. No, not sitting. You are reading this as you stand over the swimming pool deck of your solar-powered minimalistic yacht. It’s anchored on an island on the way to a place even more exciting.

I have a feeling you finally made it out of your neighborhood garden. You probably made a fortune when you sold your startup to Giggle and went off to watch the Grand Parade in Vietnam for the first time. Was it amazing? Well, since I’m talking to myself, I should…

miss mojo

Hello. I'm Miss Mojo. Author and Mother. Loves cooking, baking and reading.

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